Patagonian toothfish Longline Fishery

Fishing for Patagonian toothfish in the SEAFO CA started around 2002. All fishing has occurred in SEAFO Sub-Area D, in two distinct regions: Discovery Seamount (East and West areas) and Meteor Seamount.  Historically, the main fishing countries include vessels from Japan, the Republic of Korea, Spain and South Africa. The Trotline and Spanish set longline systems are used by vessels to fish for Patagonian toothfish.

Deep-sea Red Crab Pot Fishery

Since 2005, Japan, Republic of Korea and Namibia have fished for deep-sea red crab. All fishing has occurred on the Valdivia Bank in SEAFO Division B1. Japan ceased fishing for deep-sea red crab in 2010, and Namibia did not fish in 2015. However, the Republic of Korea deployed a vessel in 2015 to fish for crab in the SEAFO CA. Japan and Namibia both used Japanese beehive pots.

Pelagic Armourhead and Alfonsino Trawl Fisheries

Since 2010, only the Republic of Korea has fished using trawl gear in the SEAFO CA. All fishing, since 2010, has occurred in SEAFO Division B1; predominantly occurring on Valdivia Bank, and to a lesser extent on a fishing area in the northeastern corner of the Walvis Ridge. Beginning in 2010, two Korean trawlers fished for alfonsino and pelagic armourhead. One vessel used a custom manufactured bottom trawl (HAMPIDJAN NET), and the other a stern trawler with both mid-water (KITE) and bottom (PE NET) trawl gear onboard.