Following the regulation regarding lost gear contained in the SEAFO System Article 8, The table below shows information regarding lost gear in the SEAFO Convention Area.

Date Lost 28 February 2015
Vessel Name Meridian No. 8
Type Gear Lost Norway buoy(A-6), sinker(70kg), light buoy, buoy line
Quantity Lost Norway buoy(A-6) 2 ea, sinker(70kg) 5ea, light buoy 1ea, buoy line 1,200m
Position Lost 25 ̊ 42.5 S    5 ̊ 57.9 E
Measures Taken As soon as we found out the gears were lost, we have searched around the lost area. As we could not find out at there, we have followed the tide direction(SW) and kept searching. However, we still have not found out lost fishing gears. We will keep searching and if we find out, we are going to report retrieval of lost gear.