SEAFO System

SEAFO System 2017 (1MB)
SEAFO System 2016 (1MB)

SEAFO IUU List 2018 (479KB)
Reporting Obligations

Summary of Reporting Obligations 2017 (399KB)
Summary of Reporting Obligations 2016 (283KB)

Recommendation on Banning of gillnets (119KB) [Rec 1/2009]
Recommendation - Banning of deep-water shark catches (103KB) [Rec01/08]
IUU List

SEAFO IUU List 2017 (589KB)
SEAFO IUU List 2016 (305KB)
SEAFO IUU List 2015 (299KB)
Conservation Measure

Total Allowable Catches - 2017 (165KB) [CM32-16]
Measure on Bottom Fishing Activities and VMEs in the SEAFO CA (941KB) [CM30-15]
Reducing Incidental By-catch of Seabirds (291KB) [CM25/12]
Reduce Sea Turtle Mortality in SEAFO Fishing Operations (572KB) [CM14/09]
Conservation of Sharks (20KB) [CM04/06]