Reporting Obligations

Summary of Reporting Obligations 2021 (140KB)

Recommendation on Banning of gillnets (119KB) [Rec 2/2009]
Recommendation - Banning of deep-water shark catches (103KB) [Rec 1/2008]
IUU List

SEAFO IUU List 2024 (536KB)
Conservation Measure

Total Allowable Catches - 2024 (149KB) [CM-TAC-01(2023)]
Measure on Bottom Fishing Activities and VMEs in the SEAFO CA (941KB) [CM30-15]
Reducing Incidental By-catch of Seabirds (291KB) [CM25/12]
Reduce Sea Turtle Mortality in SEAFO Fishing Operations (572KB) [CM14/09]
Conservation of Sharks (20KB) [CM04/06]