Each Party is entitled to be represented by one representative in the Scientific Committee Meeting who may be accompanied by alternate representatives and advisors. The first meeting of the Scientific Committee took place in September 2005 in Windhoek, Namibia.

In performing its functions, the Scientific Committee shall conduct such activities as the Commission may direct and shall consult, cooperate and encourage the collection, study and exchange of information relevant to the living marine resources of the Convention Area, establish criteria and methods to be used in determining conservation and management measures, assess the status and trends of relevant populations of living marine resources, analyse data on the direct and indirect effects of fishing and other human activities on populations of fishery resources, assess the potential effects of proposed changes in the methods or levels of fishing and of proposed conservation and management measures; and transmit reports and recommendations to the Commission as directed, or on its own initiative, regarding conservation and management measures and research.

In carrying out its functions, the Scientific Committee shall seek to take into consideration the work of other fisheries management organisations, as well as other technical and scientific bodies.