TAC set for Toothfish and Red Crab

Friday, December 18, 2015

Based on the best available scientific information, the Commission adopted the recommendations by the Scientific Committee to set TAC’s for Patagonian toothfish and Deep-sea red crab.

The Commission taking account of the scientific advice provided by the Scientific Committee and pursuant to Article 6 of the Convention and has adopted the following measures:

a) Patagonian toothfish: 264 tonnes for Sub-area D and zero tonnes for the remainder of the SEAFO CA;

b) Deep-sea red crab: 190 tonnes in Division B1 and 200 tonnes in the remainder of the Convention Area;

c) Alfonsino: 200 tonnes for the SEAFO CA of which a maximum of 132 tonnes may be taken in Division B1;

d) Orange roughy: zero tonnes and a 4 tonnes bycatch allowance in Division B1, and 50 tonnes in the remainder of the SEAFO CA;

e) Pelagic amourhead: 143 tonnes for the SEAFO CA.